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If your child’s father seems ready to fight you for custody of your children and you can’t afford an attorney, you’re probably terrified.

What are your options?  What rights do you have as a mother?  What if he tries to take the kids and leave?  You can’t sleep for thinking of all the possibilities, and there’s no one out there to help.

The idea of presenting a case in court, in front of a judge, while your child’s father insults you and questions your ability to parent your children, is overwhelming.  But it doesn’t have to be, if you attend Custody Bootcamp for Moms.  Custody Bootcamp is the only seminar of its kind, designed to teach you about what it takes to put on a custody case, including:

  • The TEN custody factors you MUST know Presented by: HOFHEIMER Family Law Firm
  • How to conduct yourself in court
  • The decisions you need to be making now to protect your children's future
  • How to deal with Guardians ad litem and custody evaluators
  • Top secret trial preparation tactics and techniques

You NEED to know this information if you want to present a custody case in front of a Virginia judge.

The cost of attending Custody Bootcamp for Moms is less than the cost of a one hour consultation with a moderately-priced lawyer. For just $197, you’ll receive seven action-packed hours of intense preparation. There is no similar program for dads, so you’ll be sure to have an edge when you walk into the courtroom, your head held high. Imagine the look on your child's father's face when you are able to easily:

  • Question your own witnesses
  • Withstand cross examination
  • Be a witness yourself, without giving anything away
  • Use his Facebook page and other materials against him
  • Understand the ins and outs of the rules regarding evidence - what's admissible and what's not, so you can get all your good information in and keep all his out
  • Give a flawless, well thought out opening and closing argument

There are only 50 slots available, so register now!


  1. What the judge needs to hear before granting you custody
  2. What custody evaluators look for when evaluating parents
  3. What to do if you have no lawyer

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